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SkyGE-FXO4    Gateway                             




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SkyGE-400 using Web 2.0 technology, you can login using 4 Skype accounts
With 4 FXS ports for PBX’s trunk lines or analog phones. you can set the country code, area code.
Need to connect with PC for the application.
Support stacking:Extend more ports. Up to 4 SkyGE-400 can be stacked and can be expanded to 16 ports (Skype account).
Skype ( Only support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English Skype GUI now)


Nowadays Skype™ has been a popular IM for voice/chat application and there has been a big Skype community worldwide. However, Skype scares enterprises for its strict security. In order to prevent employee sending out confidential information easily, many companies prohibit Skype usage in office. With the increasing Skype user base and benefits of phone bill reduction, many companies are eager to have the Skype voice application, but are still worry about security issues. SkyGE-400S, a four port Skype gateway, can help enterprise solve the dilemma. It supports up to 16 ports in one PC now. In addition to making and receiving Skype or SkypeOut calls using office desk phone to save phone bill, Skype gateway can have more communication functions such as customer service calls, Skype MVPN, DID, DOD and customized setting at a low or no extra cost compared with traditional carries services.

By connecting SkyGE-400S with company’s existing PBX, employees can make/receive Skype calls through their extension phones. Employees don’t need to install Skype in personal PC to increase company security concerns and MIS’s burdens. Employees out of office can call back office via Skype in the internet ubiquitous age to save expensive mobile fee or international roaming fee. Different location offices can have a free communication via this platform. International calls for foreign remote office or customers can be achieved at free or low cost via such a communication platform. Through Skype Button in company web or SkypeIn™ service. Enterprise can benefit cheaper communication fee and even better communication platform for B2B or B2C through SkyGE-400S.

After DID function is integrated with Skype Button or SkypeIn service, incoming Skype service call will be forwarded to the dedicated support persons without accessing company IVR. With DOD function, employee just gets a PBX trunk line and then has a direct connect with their foreign factory or branch office through Skype/SkypeOut™. Skype MVPN solution can be implemented with employee’s mobile Skype.

SkyGE-400S supports two kinds of phone books, public phone book and private phone book. MIS maintains the public phone book and employees can take care of own private phone book through web without MIS’s help. In addition, SkyGE-400S has flexible Skype call log management and statistics. SkyGE-400S will send out Skype message or SMS alert to MIS if any failure happens.




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Main features                             
Employees out of office can call back office via Skype to reduce high mobile fee or international roaming fee. Support sending Skype message for DTMF
dialing before calling or during IVR after the call in progress to resolve Skype’s failure of sending DTMF or lack of Skype dial pad during Skype to Skype calls.
Most suitable for free company intranet or B2C/ B2B communication and 800 service call.

Make Skype calls through office extension phones, no need of microphones, speakers and Skype for every employee’s PC.

One SkyGE-400 supports four independent Skype calls and up to 16 Skype lines are supported at one PC.

Three kinds of call out control methods.

One unique corporate Skype account/SkypeIn number for call in.
Support Speed Dial(up to 20 digits) or SkypeOut calls.
Support Speed dial for Skype or SkypeOut call with extension number.
Support DID(Direct Inward Dial): After DID function is integrated with Skype Button or SkypeIn service, Skype or SkypeIn incoming calls can be forwarded
  directly to assigned office extensions for customer support without accessing company PBX IVR.

DOD(Direct Outward Dial): With the DOD feature, employees can pick up one assigned trunk line to reach foreign factory or remote office.

Support Skype call in for Skype/SkypeOut call out. Allowed Skype accounts can call in Skype gateway account and then make Skype/SkypeOut calls through  

  Skype chat (Support Skype now).

Support Skype program fair usage policy.

“Audio recovery” button to resolve one call party can’t hear the other’s voice.

System default doesn’t allow Skype file transfer and set not to be Skype’s super node.

Cheese Button: Need to find your colleague? Dial colleague’s speed dial first. If the Skype voice quality is bad or the call is no answered, then press “#” +

  one number key(Cheese Button) before hanging up to dial colleague’s alternative connections. Easy to reach contacts.

Support international busy tone.

Ease of use and user friendly interface and web management.

Support CDR (Call Detail Record) for view and back up.

Support public and private phonebook.

Support phonebook and user information back up and import.

Allow admin/every user to export personal Skype contacts into the public/private phonebook via web interface (IE, Internet Explorer).

System utilization and occupied line statistics for each port.

Management messages like HW/SW error, SkypeSkypeOut credit status and call connection status via Skype message or Skype SMS.

Default speed dial number “999999” for free Skype testing account Echo123 to test whether SkyGE-400S is functional properly or not

Default speed dial number “999998” to record company welcome IVR.

Auto-allow Skype contact authorize inquiry.

Allow all system’s Skype accounts to send out contact authorize request for Skype contacts in public and private phonebook to increase successful Skype

  dialing rate.

Prevent denial of service attack.

Support SkypeOut call limit time frame and Black/White list.

Support e-mail or mobile phone number registered Skype accounts as  Skype gateway login accounts and contacts in public or private phonebook.

Support popular PBXs.

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  Model Number  SkyGE-400:Skype USB Gateway
  Dimensions  L x W X H:220 X 120 X 40 mm
  Weight  980 g
  Operating System Support  Microsoft Windows 10, 8 or 7
  Skype Version Support

Interface Ports  One USB 2.0 port for computer , Four RJ11 port to connect with PBX or analog phone

  Service Tone Country Support   BelgiumBrazilCanadaChinaFranceGermanyHong KongIndiaIranianIsraelItalyJapenNetherlandNorwayRUSSIASingaporeSouth KoreaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandTaiwanUnited KingdomUnited States (Additional countries supported via firmware upgrade)

Audio  16 bit PCM

  Power  DC 5V/3Amp ± 5% (Bus-Powered)

Operation Temperature  0 to 55 degrees Celsius

Regulatory Compliance  FCC Class B, CE
Warranty  1 year
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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   Connection Diagram

Application AConnect SkyGE-400 with PBX:User can connect 4 FXS ports of SkyGE-400 to PBX trunk ports.


Application BAs a simple IP-PBX:Connect 4 FXS ports of SkyGE-400S with 4 analog phones or cordless phones.



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