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SkyATA-102    Gateway                             



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SkyATA-102B is a telephone gateway, you can sign in using a Skype account, the use of Skype software to call the interface.

Has 1 line FXO port (LINE external line port:connecting to Telecom's office line), 1 line FXS port (PHONE internal line port : connecting the external line port of the switch or ordinary home telephone).

Need to connect to a general computer.


SkyATA-102 is connecting with company PBX trunk line or an analog phone, SkyATA-102 allows you to make traditional landline calls or Skype™ calls, using company desktop phone or a regular analog wired/cordless phone or a DECT phone without having to stay close to your computer for a Skype talk. With SkyATA-102 integrated with landline and Skype line through one cordless phone, you can carry the handset away from computer and don’t worry about missing any landline or Skype call.

Even when SkyATA-102 is not plugged into PC USB port, landline is still available for emergency calls. After SkyATA-102 is integrated with office PBX, employees out of office or abroad can call office via mobile phone Skype to save money.

SkyATA-102 supports Skype or landline interrupt call. User can pick up the Skype or landline interrupt call by pressing “*1” phone keys and switch both calls via “*1”keys. If user pressed “*2” phone keys, one three party landline and Skype conference will be established.

Skype doesn’t support Speed Dial function after version 4.0. You can set speed dial number for Skype contacts or SkypeOut contacts from SkyATA-102 Speed
Dial setting page. Speed dial number can be set up to 5 digits 0~9 Arabic numerals. Speed dial list can be exported for back up and imported for future use. Skype 8.x doesn't have any developer’s API for Skype contacts information. You can add your contacts via Speed dial page. It is good for you to save and export the speed dial list for usage in another PC.

SkyATA-102’s IM mode can support other IM/Softphone (Team/Skype for business, Google voice/hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Zoom) as an audio device. You can make/receive IM calls from PC and then pick up the SkyATA-102 connecting phone for conversation. If SkyATA-102 is connected with office existing analog conference phones like from Polycom, voice quality of Skype conference or other internet conference (SkyATA-102 IM mode) will be much enhanced.



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Main features                             


   Make both Skype and landline calls with an existing regular or cordless phone.

   After SkyATA-102 is integrated with existing PBX, employees can call Skype/SkypeOut™ via desk phone.

   Support standard windows USB audio device with unique device ID.

   Support international busy tone to make connection with PBX feasible.

   SkyATA-102 is at the Landline mode for an emergency call by default when computer is off.

   Support 20, 25, 30 and 50Hz ring frequency.

   Support 2 REN standard loads.


  With SkyATA-102, you can have a free Skype call for office (Support Skype chat to send office extension number, please refer FAQ 28 for details) or home

  to save roaming or expensive mobile fee when you are out of office or home .

  Connect Skype through your phone, no need of microphone and speaker.

  Support various cordless phones including DECT, 900 MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz or others.


LINE and PHONE RJ11 ports Auto-Detection and Auto-Swap.

   Support Skype/ SkypeOut speed dial and SkypeOut direct number dial through the phone keypad.

   Auto-configure Skype audio device after SkyATA-102 is connected to PC USB port and initialized completely.

   When landline is not connected, auto-switch to Skype line.

   Receive a Skype call in the way as you do with your existing phone line.

   Similar dialing behavior as a traditional landline call.

   Support FSK caller ID for Skype calls with speed dial number, Skype display name and calling time for easy call back.

   Easy use and user friendly interface.

   USB internal power.


  Skype speed dial export for back up and import for use

  Support Skype video call and automatic assigned Skype/SkypeOut call when phone is off-hook

  Support assigned PBX extension number dialing for incoming Skype calls during SkyATA-102 PBX application

  Switch between Skype and landline mode by pressing phone key “

  Switch between a landline call and a Skype call by pressing phone keys “1” and hang up the current call by pressing phone key “

  Add an interrupt Skype call or an interrupt landline call into a Skype & landline conference by pressing phone keys “2”

  Support Skype or landline call waiting (Skype←→landline ) by pressing phone keys “1”

  Skype or later version has built in audio and video call recording function

  Audio recovery button resolves Skype call party’s problem to hear each other

  IM mode supports other IM/VOIP like Team/Skype for business, Google voice/hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Zoom... as an audio device

(Ear/Microphone function). When SkyATA-102 connects with office existing conference phones, the conference phones will become dedicated Skype conference
phones. And the conference phones becomes IM conference phones when SkyATA-102 is set at IM mode

  Support SkyATA-102 software on line upgrade or latest version heck/download

  Accurate 2nd dial( like PBX extension number)

  Support phone line polarity reversal

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  Model Number  LA-102:LINE USB Gateway
  Dimensions  L x W X H:95 X 66 X 22 mm
  Operating System Support  Microsoft Windows 10, 8 or 7
  Line Version Support  LINE 7.X or later version

Interface Ports  One USB 2.0 port for computer

                              One PHONE port for an analog phone

            One LINE port for landline

  LED Indicator   Blue (LINE), Green (Landline )  
                            Stand by (Slow on/off) 
                            Ringing (Fast on/off) 
                            Call Active (Always on)
                            Error (Always off)

Audio  16 bit PCM

  Power  USB power and no external power needed

Operation Temperature  0 to 55 degrees Celsius

  Regulatory Compliance  FCC Class B, CE
  Warranty  1 year
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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   Connection Diagram

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