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LA-102    Gateway                             
Let LINE or Skype call, can be connected to the company PBX or  home telephone



LA-102 hardware can run recent SkyATA-102 software to work as a Skype gateway


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Application:LINE and PSTN are merged into hardware devices, and they are connected to PBX external line ports (FXO) or home telephones for use.
LA-102 is a phone gateway, which can be used by logging in to a LINE account and using the call interface of the LINE software.

Has 1 line FXO port (LINE external line port:connecting to Telecom's office line), 1 line FXS port (PHONE internal line port : connecting the external line port of the PBX or ordinary home telephone).

Need to connect with PC for the application.


LA-102 has similar function as LA-101 does, but it has extra interface to connect with one carrier line. LA-102's connecting phone can be used for landline and LINE calls.

LA-102 is a USB box designed for LINE gateway application with landline interface.

After LA-102 is connected with PBX, conference phone or regular phone, employees can pick up desk phones to make or receive LINE calls.For companies using LINE to interact with its fans, fans can make free calls to companies via company LINE account.Hence telecom carrier line ports can be reduced.

 LA-102 has dual interfaces “PHONE” for phone and “ LINE” for carrier line. For the office with less PBX trunk cards, they can adopt LA-102 and the connecting PBX trunk port can have landline and LINE calls.

LA-102’s IM mode can support other soft phones (like Team, Lync/Skype for business, Google voice/hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype, …) as an audio device. User can make/receive IM calls from PC and then pick up the LA-102 connecting phone for conversation. Under IM mode, if LA-102 connects with traditional analog conference phone, the conference phone becomes a soft phone conference device to enhance internet phone conference voice quality.



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Main features                             

1.        After LA-102 is connected with office PBX, analog conference phone or regular phone, employees just pick up desk phone for LINE calls. No need of headset and microphone for LINE calls. Even telecom carrier line ports can be reduced.

2.       Make a LINE call through PBX desk phone or regular phone and receive LINE calls as your familiar telephone habits.

3.       With LA-102, employees out of office, company customers or suppliers can have a free LINE call to office to save expensive international or mobile calls.

4.       Support LINE speed dial number and the speed dial list can be exported for back up and imported for use.

5.       LINE DOD - Support automatic assigned LINE friend callout when phone is off-hook.

6.       LINE DID - Support assigned PBX extension number dialing for incoming LINE calls for LA-102 PBX application.

7.      Switch between LINE and landline mode by pressing phone key “
8.     Auto-Detection and Auto-Swap for “LINE” and “PHONE” RJ11 ports.
9.    Switch between a landline call and a LINE call by pressing phone keys “1” and hang up the current call by pressing phone key “
10.  Add an interrupt LINE call or an interrupt landline call into a LINE & landline conference by pressing phone keys “2”

11.     “Audio recovery” button resolves LINE call party’s problem to hear each other.

12.     Support FSK type I like Caller ID for LINE incoming calls and display “LINE 566” or 566 and calling time.

13.    IM mode supports other soft phones like Team, Lync/Skype for business, Google voice/hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype, as an audio device(Ear/Microphone function). When LA-101 connects with office existing conference phones, the conference phones will become dedicated LINE or other soft phone conference phones.

14.    Support popular PBXs and cordless phone sets including DECT, 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz, 900 MHz or others.

15.    Support international busy tone to make PBX application achievable.

16.    Support 2 REN standard loads and 20, 25, 30 and 50Hz ring signal frequency.

17.    Support LA-102 software online upgrade and latest software version check/download.

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  Model Number  LA-102:LINE USB Gateway
  Dimensions  L x W X H:95 X 66 X 22 mm
  Operating System Support  Microsoft Windows 10, 8 or 7
  Line Version Support  LINE 7.X or later version

Interface Ports  One USB 2.0 port for computer

                              One PHONE port for an analog phone

            One LINE port for landline

  LED Indicator   Blue (LINE), Green (Landline )  
                            Stand by (Slow on/off) 
                            Ringing (Fast on/off) 
                            Call Active (Always on)
                            Error (Always off)

Audio  16 bit PCM

  Power  USB power and no external power needed

Operation Temperature  0 to 55 degrees Celsius

  Regulatory Compliance  FCC Class B, CE
  Warranty  1 year
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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   Connection Diagram

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